What a Difference a Month Can Make

November 01, 2019

The nicest surprise has been that I haven’t missed any of the things I’ve stopped doing. I did expect some resistance and struggle and there has been none.

I will say however that right up till midnight of Sept. 30th, I wasn’t sure I would actually be able to even start never mind carry through with what I had set myself. I watched tv and ate all the delicious and yet bad for me stuff right till the stroke of midnight. And as soon as that happened, I just turned the tv off, picked up my phone and deleted about 40 Apps on it that I would not be needing. I knew then that I’d be fine. The decision had been made.

The other thing I have started noticing is that I don’t know what to do without the tech. The phone had so many Apps that entertained me for minutes and hours at a time when I had some free time. All that freed up time is making me antsy, which makes me reach out for the phone to while away a few free moments, only to discover that, nope, nothing there to help me with that. I put down the phone to gaze at my navel and gather wool as they say. It’s so uncomfortable and so boring and so wonderful all at the same time. This, afterall, is what I went looking for – that place where the old habits are no longer available so there is no option but to find something new, different and better for me.

Now, I believe, the real work can begin. As the overwhelmed plate begins to empty and the head begins to see straight, I will begin seeing what’s what and then, hopefully, begin making different and informed decisions about what I want back on and what will permanently stay off and what new stuff will come in.

I’m a little excited and a lot hopeful.