Corporate Office

Polish operations of a department or the entire organization, up to 100 employees.

In a large corporation, there are many moving parts – multiple personnel, collaboration between departments, tracking and administration, and so on. You probably have systems that work and systems that don’t. There are probably areas of your business that run like clockwork, and areas that feel chaotic.

Some common indications that Alchemy Organizing could help are:

Files & Documentation

  • Disorganized filing systems
  • Difficulty finding documents
  • Managing document versions
  • Using outdated documents


  • Late deliverables
  • Tension between collaborators
  • Managers picking up the slack
  • Team working overtime on basic tasks

Physical Space

  • Moving offices
  • Cluttered workstations & common spaces
  • Files piling up, too much paper
  • Things not put away

Delivery & Profit

  • Missing deadlines
  • Going over budgeted hours
  • Not tracking billables
  • Losing clients and/or proposals

Let Alchemy Organizing develop systems that are designed uniquely for your business and team.

Case Study

BC Hydro

The Challenge

A department was being relocated to a smaller space. They went from a location with separate closed offices to an open-concept cubical layout and they needed to downsize from 20 filing cabinets to 8. They didn’t know where to start, they didn’t have anyone to lead the initiative, and they didn’t have the time to spend on the project, as they had projects with firm (and looming) deadlines.

Alchemy Approach

  • Worked with department manager to discern requirements, objectives and a definition for success
  • Met individually with staff members and uncovered a lack of systems for project management and task tracking
  • Created a manageable structure to review the contents of all 20 filing cabinets and helped make decision on what wasn’t required
  • Created a review system to help staff get rid of unnecessary paper or pass it on to the appropriate personnel
  • Worked with staff to create electronic systems (as opposed to paper) to improve efficiency and collaboration

The Result

  • 20 filing cabinets to 6 half full filing cabinets and 2 completely empty filing cabinets
  • Each person had personalized systems that worked with their habits to keep them on track
  • Colour coded personal filing systems for each of the staff for better tracking of projects & to-do items
  • Each person shed between 50 – 80% of unnecessary paper at their workstation
  • The team found they were able to complete tasks and projects faster and had information at their fingers tips
  • They knew project status and deadlines at a glance
  • The team was less stressed and felt better able to handle their enormous workload

Services & Solutions

Below are examples of common projects. Every solution is customized. Submit your online assessment so we can discuss your unique challenge and goals.

Office Move

Don't let an office-move disrupt your productivity. Let us manage the people, planning, packing, and move-in.

Space Planning

You may not need more space! Baljit is a master of finding space where you thought it didn't exist and making sure it supports productivity.

Procedures & Manuals

Procedures & manuals are time consuming and difficult to create, so let us do it. With over 20 years in operations, we maximize efficiency.

Remote Coaching

Feeling like your systems need a tweak? Baljit will coach you to fine-tune in a fraction of the time, so you can get back to work.

Paper Overwhelm

What to toss, what to keep, and how to file it? Shuffling paper is a real productivity drain. Let's eliminate it.

Inbox Overload

Do your to-dos pile up? Is it hard to stay on top of due dates and priorities? Baljit will design a system around you, so that it works.

Stock Room Madness

Hard to find the supplies you need when you need them? Baljit hasn't met a stock room she can't wrangle into line.

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