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    The following is a simple assessment that gives Baljit some insight into your challenges and objectives, and some initial steps that can be taken. If you would prefer to connect directly with Baljit over the phone to complete this assessment, or to start with a less formal conversation, call 778.773.8983.


    Do you keep your 'To Do' items in your email inbox?

    Do you read your emails as they arrive?

    Do you read each email only once and deal with it immediately?

    Do you save your necessary emails in folder and subfolders?


    Do you use post-in notes as reminders to do things?

    Do you have an 'inbox/outbox' on your desk for incoming and outgoing work and mail?

    At the end of your day, do you have one designated space on your desk for unfinished work?

    Do you work on one task at a time and keep only related material to that task on your desk?

    Record Management & Filing

    Do you have a paper filing system in place?

    Do you find it easy to find your electronic documents after you have filed them away?

    Do you have paper files in your workspace/office that you do not use at all or use rarely?

    Does it take you longer than normal to gather materials to get ready for a meeting or project?

    Time Management

    Do you struggle to complete work on time without a last minute panic attack?

    Do you prioritize your work load?

    Do you maintain and review your 'To Do' list regularly?

    Do you schedule your work time into your calendar or group calendar?

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