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Eliminate distraction, use your time more efficiently, and be organized at tax time.

We know it’s frustrating when your office is so cluttered you’re unable to find anything. The large number of unorganized files and documents can be very overwhelming. You probably don’t even know where to start, even if you wanted to. All the mess is distracting, preventing you from doing your work. It’s probably even causing you to miss deadlines, lose clients, and distracting you from focusing on your bottom line. You might not even be able to find important documents. Critical invoices and tax files are buried somewhere or misplaced. It has gone on for so long, it’s embarrassing to let anybody look at it. But if you don’t do something about it you’ll never be able to rest or take a vacation. You’ll always be worrying you’ve forgotten or missed something.

Some common indications that Alchemy Organizing can help are:​

Files & Documentation

  • Disorganized filing systems
  • Difficulty finding documents
  • Managing document versions
  • Using outdated documents


  • You can't find what you need in a timely fashion
  • You're spending too much time shuffling papers
  • You don't have time to create systems and procedures
  • You want to spend more time working ON your business

Physical Space

  • Running out of space
  • No dedicated workspace in your home
  • Not able to "put away" your home office when you want
  • Lack of storage

Delivery & Profit

  • Missing or late deadlines
  • Filing taxes late or being disorganized
  • Not tracking/invoicing billables
  • Losing clients and/or proposals 

Let Alchemy Organizing develop systems that are designed uniquely for your business and team.

Case Study

Vanessa Wiebel

The Green Confidence Business Coach

The Challenge

Vanessa was facing extreme overwhelm. Her office space was poorly laid out, making for a crowded work environment that promoted stress and dampened her creativity. The awkward layout made it difficult to organize paperwork and setup an efficient workflow system. As a result, paperwork was piling up and she couldn’t find important information, like receipts and documents. It was effecting her productivity. Critical tasks were being forgotten and deadlines were being missed. Vanessa knew she had to do something but didn’t know where to start amongst the flood of paper and such limited space.

Alchemy Approach

  • We sat to identify specific things in her environment that were dysfunctional or causing bottlenecks, how her ideal environment would function, and what had already been attempted to reorganize. 
  • We identified habits: ones that were possible to change, ones that could change but that she did not desire to, and ones unlikely to change.
  • We went through all loose paperwork to declutter her desk and files so only relevant information was kept. All insignificant or old documents were discarded.
  • We looked at her workflow processes and assigned central locations for essential documents. This enabled her to quickly find what she needed and allowed paper to flow in and out in an organized fashion without building into piles again.

The Result

  • A filing system that makes sense to her, naming files the way her brain tags them.
  • Triggers put in place to remind her to do things at certain times of the week or month, so she stays on top of things.
  • A restructured workspace that is more open, clean and inspiring to be in.


I hired Baljit as my business was totally stagnant, as my own creativity created a mess and drowned me in my own office.

In only one days work, my office got transformed into an enjoyable working space matching my needs. Bajit simplified my handling procedures, we clarified categories, and purged everything that didn’t not belong in the office no more.

Her sweetness was clear and tough at the same time.

Others had before helped me and it never stuck. Baljit understood my unique nature and helped create a flexible structure working with me not against me.

In the following days it was easy for me to get work done and keep the office tidy and functional. Even in the ongoing months. Now I have handling structure and filing systems working with me. I love it! Work is now fun efficient and productive, I am not kidding you.

As a wonderful side-effect I regained inner calm and actually have more time to feel satisfied as I apply my gift to the world. I no longer feel burn out or frustrated by search for staff I need. I am now tired cause I got lots done, it’s a huge relief.

If you are a creative spirited personality blocked by your own genius hire Bajlit. Her kind hearted action focused presents, and ability to approach though crap until your genius emerges to help you set up what works for you, is one-of-a-kind. This one day was life and business shifting and worth the investment more then 100%.

Vanessa Wiebel
CPCC, RST - Green Business Coach, Amazon Best Seller

Services & Solutions

Below are examples of common projects. Every solution is customized. Submit your online assessment so we can discuss your unique challenge and goals.

Office Move

Don't let an office-move disrupt your productivity. Let us manage the people, planning, packing, and move-in.

Space Planning

You may not need more space! Baljit is a master of finding space where you thought it didn't exist and making sure it supports productivity.

Procedures & Manuals

Procedures & manuals are time consuming and difficult to create, so let us do it. With over 20 years in operations, we maximize efficiency.

Remote Coaching

Feeling like your systems need a tweak? Baljit will coach you to fine-tune in a fraction of the time, so you can get back to work.

Paper Overwhelm

What to toss, what to keep, and how to file it? Shuffling paper is a real productivity drain. Let's eliminate it.

Inbox Overload

Do your to-dos pile up? Is it hard to stay on top of due dates and priorities? Baljit will design a system around you, so that it works.

Stock Room Madness

Hard to find the supplies you need when you need them? Baljit hasn't met a stock room she can't wrangle into line.

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